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Bridgefield is situated in the Kingsnorth area of Ashford, located between the Park Farm estate, Finberry and Cheeseman’s Green, overlooking areas of fields and woodland while still having close connections to the town centre.

There is a selection of houses perfect for couples and families, with houses ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms, with some 2-bedroom apartments as well. The new park and play area that has opened in the area was the first new park in twenty years that was commissioned in the borough. The park includes a play area with two zip wires, an iron aged theme area, swings and play tractors; perfect for families with children. The park also has an orchard with an area for wildlife as well as art sculptures.

There are two schools nearby, Furley Park in Park Farm and Finberry Primary School in the Finberry estate, with a nursery in both areas. Furley Park primary school was given a good Ofsted report and the area is a family orientated estate, which provides a good environment for children. Finberry Primary school was also given a good Ofsted report, meaning a good selection of schools, as well as other schools in the Ashford area to choose from.

With these choices of schools, nurseries and the Bridgefield park with surrounding countryside, this area is a superb choice for families with young children.

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