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Make sure any structural problems are dealt with, this could be a range of issues, such as; rising damp, subsidence, missing or broken roof tiles, structural cracks to the walls. Not only will these cause the price to be affected, but also for buyers, this could be unappealing.

If you own an old property, it may not have central heating, which could be a significant deterrent for buyers, especially in winter. It would be advisable to get central heating fitting or even updated if it's an old system, it will create a bigger benefit than it would cost. In order to have this fitted, please seek out a gas certified plumber. With this, you should also bear in mind improving the efficiency of your home if you can, with double-glazed windows (these are seen as an essential to most buyers now), sealing any areas causing drafts ie around doors and windows and also making sure the loft is insulated properly. The better the efficiency of a home, the cheaper the gas and electric will be.

Rewiring a house, if it is fitted with old electrics might be a good idea if the house hasn't been rewired for some time, as older homes may not have a residual circuit device for safety, you can tell this by looking at the meter and seeing if it is an old type fuse box. If you are rewiring, it may be good to note where the sockets are and see if more are needed, as this can be beneficial for new buyers as if it is one large room with one socket, there could be hesitation to overload a socket with a full extension lead. You could also look at getting an extractor fan in the bathroom if there isn't one already fitted.

A loft conversion can add nearly £24,000 on average to a property, which at around £500/600m², can work out cost effective. This can be used as another bedroom, which will boost value to the property. They don't usually need planning permission, however certain things such as dormer windows may need planning permission depending on where they face, so be aware of this before going ahead. Instead, you could also add an extension or conservatory, however for these you will need planning permission, but will be worth it in the end.

If you upgrade a kitchen and Bathroom this can significantly increase the price of your property, by up to 10% according to Tap Warehouse, which would incur an increase of nearly £24,000 on average. Desirable features would include an island, plenty of cupboard space and glass patio doors leading out to the garden, even if this cost £12,000, that is still a possible profit of £12,000, therefore beneficial. Alternatively, for a cheaper option, make sure the grouting is redone and clean looking, repaint to a neutral colour scheme so they appeal to everyone's taste. You could also buy new taps to add more gleam and fresh look to the kitchen itself.

Regarding a bathroom, make sure there is no mould on the tiles and they are clean with fresh grouting if possible. If you have any old tiles, maybe consider retiling, or fixing any old tiles. Moreover, an all-time favourite is a power shower and a free-standing bath tub. Free standing, roll-top bath tubs always look fantastic in a country property and can be a great conversation starter!

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Lastly as important as ever, redecorating is a must! When a house looks fresh and nicely decorated even if neutral it helps potential buyers see themselves and their belonging in the property. Make sure there is fresh paint on the walls, any cracks in the plaster works are sorted, as well as flooring is neat and tidy.

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