Welcome back to my Landlord Lowdown and today I wanted to update you about our exciting new website here at Evolution Properties.

One of the biggest benefits of this new site is that its perfectly optimised to attract more visitors and provides a better platform to market homes, whether they are for let or for sale. It’s a proven fact that enhanced marketing with products like video tours and virtual tours will receive many more visitors which in turn means you being able to choose the right tenant at the best possible price. Our previous website was coming up for 6 years old, how time flies, and our CRM provider notified us that the option for clients to log in was being withdrawn. This was our trigger point to create the new site but it does mean that your original Landlord Log In no longer works. Don’t worry though, I will always be on hand to help with any account queries and if you need a copy of a works invoice then just email Michelle. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the video.