>The importance of video, v...

Over Lockdown we saw the importance of video, virtual and live tours, however some agencies have now gone back on this. Yet as an estate agent, it is still vital as it offers an immersive experience, meaning those viewing the property have a whole lot more information before they book a viewing. This then filters a little further, so those viewing are very interested and there are no surprises when they get there. As we are still proceeding with caution with all property visits and using the correct PPE, this also means it is safer for all parties involved, as hopefully this will mean less applicants viewing the property. This also makes the agency look professional, modern and helpful, as you are then providing as much information as possible.

There are now so many forms of digital information you can give clients, so why would you stay behind?! Live Facebook tours throughout lockdown worked really well, which originally came from the US, as not only did it offer a tour but also offered the personalisation and character that comes from an estate agent. Virtual tours now include 360 tours, via systems such as Matterport, whereby clients can have a virtual walk through of a property, to find out more please watch the video below. Some of these systems can then be linked up to virtual headsets, so for those moving across country can view properties online without needing to leave their current home.


Video tours are also important as again it gives viewers another level, currently videos are working much better than any other media, as videos are more interactive and will get more traction than just pictures of a property. There are other forms on new software such as Unreal Engine's immersive models that change the light, so you can see what a property is like in the day and night and throughout different seasons.

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