>Tips For Ashford Home Sellers

Moving can be extremely stressful and everyone has their own top tips. Sometimes very helpful bites of information can be left behind, leaving you stumped as to why you were not told about something sooner. We have put together a PDF for you with top tips for a smoother move. All rooms should be dressed for their intended purpose, i.e. ensure that rooms that, for example, were originally bedrooms or dining rooms actually have beds or dining tables in them – as opposed to office/storage furniture for instance. This will not only highlight the space available but will help prospective buyers visualise themselves living there – people buy into lifestyles! If you will be making an onwards purchase, speak to an independent financial advisor who can explore every mortgage option available to you. Most mortgage advisors will only have access to a set panel of lenders - getting a second opinion could increase your budget by thousands of pounds.

Similarly, obtaining multiple valuations for your own property is highly advisable. All agents are different and finding a trustworthy individual that you can communicate with effectively could significantly ease the stress of moving home. Avoid agency tie-in periods. Many agents will request you sign a sole agency contract for 8, 10, or even 12 weeks. In today’s market this is simply not necessary – if a property hasn’t sold after 11 weeks, there are clearly extenuating circumstances or an issue with the marketing.

If you are considering doing major works to your property before selling, it is always worth contacting an agent to discuss whether your planned improvements will actually increase the value of your property. This could save you unnecessary financial outlay and delays. Due to the high levels of buyer competition we are seeing in today’s market, if you are looking to move home it is important to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. In order to secure your dream home, you will need to be in a proceedable position, as vendors are unlikely to take a risk accepting an offer from a buyer that is not financially qualified and has not sold their own property yet. In reality, the most effective way to move home is to secure a mortgage in principle and ensure your property is under offer before going on viewings. This will mean that any offers you do make carry far greater weight and are more likely to be seriously considered. Consider the unique selling points of your home and how you would like them to be marketed by your agent. In turn, it is key to ensure that there are no extra/hidden costs in your agency agreement.

Once you have instructed an agent to sell your home, it is advisable to instruct your solicitor for sale immediately. This will enable you to complete certain paperwork, such as the fixtures and fittings form, ahead of schedule – aiding a smoother beginning to the sales process when an offer is accepted. Legally, you will need to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate when selling your property. Booking a contractor in to produce this in advance of accepting an offer will decrease delays in the sales process. In the same vein, it is always advisable to locate important documents such as boiler service history, title plans and FENSA certificates, prior to accepting an offer. Ensure your property smells fresh before any viewings and de-clutter where appropriate. Completing minor repairs and redecoration will also add to the saleability of your home, at a low financial cost. If you have any questions about these top tips, the property market, or even booking a valuation, please do contact us on 01233 501601.