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Today I had a great chat with Tim Rycraft from TJR Ventilation. Who knew that there was so much to learn about moisture and damp in a property. This really is an eye opener for anyone living in any kind of property!

TJR Ventilation specialises in the diagnosis of condensation related ventilation issues that result in black mould around the home.

The first steps to resolving the issues will require a survey where a Building Regulatory Compliance based ventilation survey report is provided.

The survey will include wherever possible actual air flow readings from the existing ventilation equipment using a calibrated Anonometer; this will allow a comparison to the regulatory ventilation requirement versus the actual air flows.

TJR are offering 50% off a ventilation survey for those with a loyalty card. To find out more, please call Tim on 07708713130 or head over to:



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TJR Ventilation

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