how to stage your ashford home

Are your rooms fit for purpose? When selling a home, each room should be shown as what it is as this makes it easier for prospective buyers to vision themselves living there. For example, the third bedroom, is it a 'storage room' currently? If you can, show it either as empty or as a bedroom, this will also make your home feel larger and therefore more spacious,

Are you thinking about adding an extension on or re-doing the bathroom before you sell to make your home more desirable? Now before you head down to your local B&Q speak to a Kent property expert. Why? To make sure the money and time you put it is going to be returned when putting your home on the market. Sometimes it is better financially to not do a home renovation project before you move and use this money in your new home instead.

What should your home smell like when you walk in? Well, it is true that we can never smell the scent of our own home, so make sure when you are conducting viewings your home is filled with nice smells. For example, don't cook fishy food the night before! Maybe that morning use a wax melt, spray some air freshener, bleach the toilets or open the windows. A good smell is very welcoming and is one of the things that sets the feeling of a home.

De-clutter! We are sure you have heard it before, but we will say it again. Making sure your home is neat and tidy will give the sense of a larger space. Not only does it look more appealing, but it is also will help potential applicants see themselves in the home. Also, it is a great reason to get rid of things you don't want to take with you!

Do the carpets look like they have seen better days? It may be an idea to hire a carpet cleaner for the day and just give them a good clean! If your carpets look in great condition, potential buyers won't automatically think about replacing them which can put off some people.

Is that bright orange bathroom to everyone’s taste? If you have got bright colours in certain rooms, it may be best to paint these white or a neutral colour. Neutral colours also make a room look brighter and more spacious.

Curtains and blinds can shape windows and make a property feel more homely. They should be pulled back to let light flood into the room. For an elegant feel, use floor to ceiling curtains and pull them back with holdbacks.

For viewings, leave your doors open. This gives a more welcoming feeling when potential applicants are walking around your home. Not only will it feel more open but if you have all curtains open, the home will also feel brighter.

Do you have a room which looks a little small? Use mirrors to make certain rooms look bigger and therefore for more spacious.

Does your home look lived in? While a home should be clean and tidy for viewings, it also needs to look homely. Use soft furnishings and flowers/plants to create a welcoming feel to the home.

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