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According to Halifax, the house prices in the UK housing market fell for the first time in six months by 0.5%. This meant the average house price in the UK dropped from £261,642 to £260,358 in June 2021. While this could be due to the Stamp Duty Holiday changing, the housing markets annual change is still a large increase of 8.8%, which works out at £21,000 higher than June 2020.

However, it has to be noted that for the same month, Nationwide concluded that the UK national average for house prices had actually continued to increase by 0.7%. This then meant under Nationwide’s statistics the annual growth for UK properties was a very large 13.4%. This then means the biggest growth since 2004.

The difference in numbers will be due to the different data they each gather. In Ashford the current market is increasing as there are homeowners and renters moving out of London to live in Ashford where property prices are cheaper and making use of the High Speed links. If you are curious to see what your property is worth on the current market, please call us today on 01233 501601.

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