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1) Check your certificates. Are your certificates up to date? Do you have the correct ones?

2) Keep accounts up to date. Knowing your accounts and keeping on track can be very helpful when it comes to doing your tax return.

3) Do regular inspections. If you don't do inspections every so often, you cannot see or know necessarily the way your home is being looked after. If you have a tenant for 5 years with no inspection, it can be quite daunting to see how your home has been left.

4) Complete all maintenance. Keep on top of the maintenance as some issues if left can create larger issues. You will also be left with a very disgruntled tenant if you keep avoiding the subject.

5) Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm in your property?

5) What's your mortgage deal? Keep an eye out regularly with an independent mortgage advisor to make sure you are getting the best deal for your properties. An independent mortgage advisor will have access to the open market, rather than being tied in to one building society.

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