Preparing your home for sale

Before you are thinking of selling your home, it is good to get it “market ready”. After all, first impressions count and buyers who are instantly attracted to your property are most likely to boldly offer! So, some top tips just for you, courtesy of me.

Take time to look at the approach and front of your property, make sure the guttering is clean and cleared, any paintwork should be wiped down and in good condition, keep your windows washed and shiny, the front door should be appealing and washed. Maybe consider hanging baskets with flowers – always a nice touch. If you have a driveway make sure it is clean and weed free (once you are on the market, try and keep your driveway accessible for viewers to pull up on to, there is nothing worse than a viewer struggling to find somewhere to park).

Once inside your property, consider the first view your buyer will see – Are there coats hanging that could obscure the view of the hallway? Is there a pile of shoes on the doormat? Coats and shoes can easily disappear somewhere else for viewings.

Make sure on warm sunny days that curtains and blinds are pulled back to let as much light in as possible. Keep your rooms smelling fresh, but not overpowered with strong scent. In the kitchen, tidy away the washing up and keep your tea towels in a drawer (not hanging off a cupboard or oven). Tidy away those numerous fridge magnets and kids paintings (we all have them), you will be surprised how much better your kitchen looks. Keep the work tops clean and tidy. Avoid strong cooking smells the night before viewings ( I love cooking, but lingering food smells can be off putting).

Upstairs now – Bedrooms, make the beds and plump up the pillows, tidy away washing baskets & kids toys. The bathroom should always be clean and fresh. How about putting all your cleaning products and countless bottles of shampoo and grooming products into a store tidy!

Pets – We all love them, well most of us do. Tidy away litter trays and food bowls, if you have a dog make sure they are off the premises if possible on viewings, they won’t say no to another walk around the block trust me. If you can’t get your dog out for a walk, then kept outside for a shortwhile is the next best thing – not unless they are likely to be needy and start to whine or bark.

Gardens – Keep your grass well mown, borders weeded and shrubs and trees pruned, if needed, and not overgrown or shielding a view

More top tips to follow – Or you could just give Andrew a call on 01233 501601.