The costs of buying a property.

The costs of buying a property that you may not have thought of that go in to buying a home. When saving for a property it is best to think about the overall costs that go in to a home. From survey fees to mortgage agreement costs as well as the deposit. Talk to one of our agents if you are unsure about the costs of moving by calling us on 01233 501601 and we can go through everything with you.

The amount needed for a deposit on a property will depend on what mortgage brokers are offering. However there are government schemes which can help if you have a smaller deposit. Currently the 5% deposits are helping those that cannot afford a large deposit, especially as house prices are increasing. For information on the current market in Ashford call us today on 01233 501601.

There are two parts to conveyancing fees; the legal fees and the disbursements. The disbursements include local searches, any leasehold related fees and the fee for transferring the mortgage money. For further information on this call our sales team today on 01233 501601.

Surveys are well worth having, as a surveyor can find any problems that may have been missed by yourself when completing viewings. Please make sure when choosing a surveyor that they are a member of either Rics, Sava or RPSA as these are the three main accrediting bodies. This can confirm your dream home stays a dream rather than a nightmare! If you need any help choosing a surveyor in Ashford call us today on 01233 501601 and we can advise you.

Mortgage valuation costs are where the building society will want to do a valuation on the property themselves to make sure it is worth the amount they are lending you. These can range from in price however sometimes may be included with the mortgage. If you are unsure about the different types of surveys and how they can differ from a mortgage valuation survey call us today on 01233 501601 and we can give you details of chartered surveyors we recommend in Ashford.

Mortgage arrangement costs are for the mortgage itself which is usually between £0-£2000 and can be added to the mortgage itself. You can find out exactly how much this will cost via your financial advisor or lender.

We would recommend you choose a mortgage broker who has access to the full market and offer fee-free advice. There are a lot of things to think about when looking for a mortgage, for example are you buying alone or with someone as this can affect how much you can borrow. What is the size of your deposit? The bigger a deposit, the better, as the larger the deposit, the more options you will have.

Estate agent fees are only paid by the seller, so when purchasing you will not pay this. However if you are selling, see what fees agents are offering in the local area. To find out about our fees for selling a property in Ashford or to book in a free valuation, call us today.