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What could de-value your home?

There are a range of things that could mean the difference between you achieving the top bracket of your home's value and not. If you have neglected the interior or exterior, for example, an overgrown garden that would need a lot of work done to it to improve it. The kitchens and bathrooms, are these outdated? Would they require new installations? If so, for potential buyers, this would be factored into their budget. Do you have any maintenance issues which you haven't sorted? Not only would buyers factor this in as time and labour to get these sorted, but some buyers want homes that are ready to move into, so you may also appeal to fewer applicants.

Are you unsure if your home can achieve its full potential market price? Call us today at Evolution Properties on 01233 501601 and we will pop around for a free property appraisal. We can advise on any improvements that could increase the price of your home, if any.